Field work at Sedgwick Reserve. Photo credit Stephanie Ma.
Credit: Stephanie Ma

Members of the lab investigate the impact of drought on grassland structure and function and on restoration of former agricultural fields to grassland. We are using drought structures to create extreme drought conditions in grasslands and are evaluating the response of resident and seeded species, and their associated traits to manipulated changes in rainfall.  We have also investigated the response of chaparral shrubs to severe drought and the interaction of drought and pathogens in influencing survival and performance of a dominant chaparral shrub. We are also experimentally evaluating importance of site factors including moisture in influencing restoration of an endemic conifer in the Los Padres National Forest.

Professor, EEMB
Understanding the processes that control invasion and predicting when and how it will affect ecosystem structure and function.
PhD Candidate
Investigating the role of climate change in restored communities and how to anticipate its effects. 
PhD Student
Determining drivers in chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and invasive grassland vegetation fluxes.